Discover the new Storeino platforms: Marketplace, Academy, Mobile application and Documentation

Storeino provides its customers with simple and effective tools to manage their online stores. To learn more about Storeino, you can register and discover for yourself the Storeino platform and the new platforms linked to it

Discover the new Storeino platforms: Marketplace, Academy, Mobile application and Documentation

Table of contents:

The Storeino Marketplace

The Storeino Academy

The Storeino mobile application

Storeino documentation

The Storeino Marketplace

storeino marketplace


With the Storeino Marketplace, you will have the opportunity to download and choose from free and paid e-commerce plugins that will accompany you on your online sales adventure.

The different applications available on the Marketplace will allow you to more easily and efficiently manage your e-commerce activity, process orders, monitor sales and launch your marketing campaigns, etc.

Find the applications that suit you and download them with a single click. The Storeino Marketplace contains 11 applications, namely: Abandoned cart, Google Ads, Snapchat Pixels, Facebook Ads Multi-pixels, Google sheet, Landing page, Express checkout, WhatsApp Button, Count down, Pop-up notifications, Sticky cart.

The prices of each of the applications: 

  • Free applications : Abandoned cart, Facebook Ads Multi-pixels, WhatsApp Button, Count , Live chat, down, Pop-up notifications
  • 2 $: Snapchat Pixels, Sticky cart
  • 3 $: Google Ads, Express checkout
  • 4 $: Landing page
  • 5 $ : Google sheet

The categories of applications: 

The applications offered by the Storeino Marketplace are classified under 4 categories:

  • Order management: Abandoned cart, Google Sheet
  • Ads: Google Ads, Snapchat Pixels, Facebook Ads Multi-pixels
  • Marketing: Landing page, Express checkout, Count down, Pop-up notifications, Sticky cart
  • Customer service: WhatsApp Button

For more information on each of these applications, please read the article: Discover the applications available on Storeino platform

The Storeino Academy

storeino acedemy

 Storeino offers its customers free online training to deepen their e-commerce knowledge and increase their online marketing and sales skills. Using the video tutorials and training offered on the platform, e-merchants can put what they have learned into practice and discover the best online selling tips.

The courses available at Storeino Academy are designed to provide theoretical knowledge as well as practical advice. You will not only learn what to do, but also how to do it step by step on the Storeino Academy.

Storeino thinks of you all! The courses are intended for all people whether they are beginners or specialists in digital marketing. Starting with the fundamentals through to advanced levels, you will have the opportunity to become an expert in digital marketing and e-commerce.

To benefit from all these free trainings, all you have to do is register by providing your full name, your email address and create a password which will allow you to access your account and start learning.

The Storeino mobile application

télécharger application storeino play store

télécharger application storeino google play

 The Storeino mobile app makes it easier for e-merchants to log into their accounts and run their stores from their mobile devices.

The Storeino mobile application supports the following languages: Arabic, French, English and Italian. You can easily change your preferred language in your device settings.

Also, this application allows you to manage your orders, view your products, change the currency of your store, find out the status of orders, check payments, change the name of your store and its description; add a store image, add users and assign them specific roles ...

Storeino documentation

storeino documentation

 The Storeino documentation explains each part of the store. If you ever have any problems using the Storeino platform when creating or managing your account; Storeino documentation provides you with the solution of your problem step by step.

The documentation is classified into categories:

  • Tutorials: Support (explains how to contact the Storeino team to answer your questions and provide you with additional information)
  • Orders: Order statuses (Add or delete an order status, change the color and name of the order status, modify information relating to an order status), users (Modify, delete or add users to help you in the management of your e-commerce), Roles (Modify, delete or add roles to users), Customers: Customer management (Add a new customer, modify or delete existing customers)
  • Marketing: Edit a review, delete a review, add a new comment, edit upsells, add upsells, delete upsells, add coupons, delete coupons, edit coupons
  • Store: Modify menus, add menus, Media (Visibility of all the media used when creating your store), Theme (Preview or activate a theme)
  • Blog: Edit, delete or add posts to your blog, add new categories to your blog, edit or delete existing categories
  • Applications: Add, modify or delete applications from your e-commerce store
  • Settings: Languages ​​(Add or remove languages), checkout (Modify, activate or deactivate elements of the checkout page), Currencies (Add or remove a currency), General (Add a logo and an email), SEO (Configure SEO settings of your store)
  • Payment: Payment (Manage payment methods), Invoices (Manage and track customer invoices)
  • Products: Add, modify or delete products, Stock management

The Storeino platform

The Storeino Marketplace

The Storeino Academy

Download the Storeino app for ios and Android

Storeino documentation 

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