Discover the applications available on Storeino platform

With ecommerce becoming more and more popular, consumers these days need powerful ecommerce platforms that provide them with a variety of applications that facilitate their business and let them have smooth communication with their customers. Plugins allow you to add new features to increase sales and boost your business. When starting your ecommerce business using Storeino platform, you will be offered different applications that will hugely help you tracking and growing your business.

Discover the applications available on Storeino platform


 Definition d l'ecommerce

WhatsApp button

Landing page

Google sheets

Facebook multiple pixels

Sticky cart

Snapchat pixel

CountDown timer

Popup notifications

Google Ads

Express Checkout

Ecommerce definition

When starting your ecommerce business using Storeino platform, you will be offered different applications that will hugely help you tracking and growing your business.

Storeino is a powerful platform that provides you with some of the best plugins to keep track of your ecommerce business.

  • WhatsApp button: Storeino allows you to engage with one of the world’s most famous messaging App: WhatsApp. By clicking on the WhatsApp button, visitors of your online store will be redirected directly to their WhatsApp chat app to have their queries answered. This way, customers can benefit from different features WhatsApp has to offer, such as: location tracking for delivery, the ability to send pictures and videos of the products or services, documents, audio messages and more. This plug-in provides proactive customer support and simplifies the customer’s experience as they get quick answers to their answers without having to send emails.
  • Landing page: A landing page is the best way to drive traffic and increase the chance of conversions. Storeino allows its users to build responsive and attractive landing pages. It offers different themes and a simple drag and drop builder to simplify it for all users, even beginners to design and build visually appealing landing pages easily and so fast.
  • Google sheets: Google sheets app will help you to keep track of your expenses, orders and sales. This App will extremely help your business to stay organized and work more effectively. As a business owner having a store in Storeino platform, you can automate processes by sending data from the platform directly to your spreadsheets, store it and analyze it, which will ultimately lead to increasing your effectiveness and efficiency. You can either create new tabs inside the same file to follow and track your orders or any other thing, or you can create a new file for new data.
  • Facebook multiple pixels: You probably need to place more than one tracking pixel code in your website and send data to more than one Facebook Ad account. In this sense, Storeino offers an excellent way to manage multiple Facebook pixels in order to measure and optimize your ads and attract your target audience.
  • Sticky cart: Sticky cart is an extension provided by Storeino. It helps you increase conversions and boost sales. This extension allows your customers to buy with a sticky cart on the same page without having to move to a new page to complete the payment process. In case your customer revisits your store, he will be automatically notified by sticky cart about products he left in his cart, and he can directly proceed with the payment from the same page without visiting the cart or product page.
  • Snapchat pixel: Storeino allows you to install the Snapchat pixel to your store with only one click. This will help you to track all conversions resulting from your Snapchat campaigns, including purchases, add to carts and page views.
  • Countdown Timer: The countdown timer plug-in encourages visitors to purchase right away by creating a sense of urgency. You can customize the timer and choose the countdown message, the background colors and sizes also.
  • Google Ads: You can use Google Ads to track the action people take on your store and discover which of your Google Ads is generating more sales.
  • Express checkout: The express checkout plug-in makes the checkout process quick and easy. It allows customers to pay for items instantly which reduce cart abandonment and remarkably increase conversions.


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