How to start an ecommerce business: A step by step guide

Following these steps will help you set up your ecommerce business and start selling products and services online without the need for a brick-and-mortar store.

How to start an ecommerce business: A step by step guide


How To Start A Strong Ecommerce Business

Steps To Launch Your Ecommerce Business

Choose your business model:

Find your products:

Build your online store:

Promote your ecommerce business:

Offer excellent online support:

Provide different payment options:

Run your personal blog:

Include product reviews:

Ensure your website is mobile-friendly

Following these steps will help you set up your ecommerce business and start selling products and services online without the need for a brick-and-mortar store.

How To Start A Strong Ecommerce Business

These are the necessary factors to start an ecommerce business:

  • Attractive website
  • High-quality products images
  • Excellent customer support

Steps To Launch Your Ecommerce Business

As a beginner, all you need is a simple online platform to sell your products. A platform like Storeino serves this purpose very well.

  1. Choose your business model:

Before deciding what to sell online, you need to start by understanding the different business models available.

  1. Find your products:

One way to find products to sell on your online store is by keeping an eye on popular and trending items by exploring sites like Instagram and Pinterest. You could also think about things that you, your family or friends would be interested in.

You can also start your search with products related to the industry you have a particular interest in by checking what customers usually buy in that niche.

  1. Build your online store:

You can easily build your ecommerce store by using an ecommerce hosting platform like Storeino. Storeino has various templates and easy to use an online store builder to start selling online.

Ensure you include your contact information and make them clear and easy to find. You should mainly include your Email Address, your phone number and your social media channels.

  1. Promote your ecommerce business:

The success of your ecommerce business depends on choosing the right channel to market your products or services and optimize your marketing strategy by reducing your Cost Acquisition Customer (CAC).

Also, make sure to reinvest a part of your profits back into your ads rather than pocketing them to guarantee your business growth. Besides, you can try other marketing methods, like email marketing and SEO.

  1. Offer excellent online support:

Reassure your customers that they will have support after buying from you to increase their trust in your business and convert them into returning and loyal customers.

You could either provide support for your customers during working hours or include a live-chat feature that works 24/7 to your ecommerce website if you have resources to do so. During their shopping experience, new customers as well as returning customers need to be supported at all stages to answer their confusions and increase their satisfaction.

  1. Provide different payment options:

Offer your customers multiple payment options so that they can freely choose the most suitable method for them and easily make a purchase. Also, you should keep in mind that providing different payment methods would help you to attract more customers and meet their expectations as people don’t have the same preferences when it comes to online shopping. This will ultimately help you boost your ecommerce business and make more sales.

Choosing the right payment options to offer depends hugely on your business. For this, you should put into consideration both customers preferences and privacy of payments to ensure they will continue their purchasing.

  1. Run your personal blog:

Having your own blog presents a great opportunity for your ecommerce business to generate more traffic and attract more potential customers. This will help you to provide relevant information for visitors and therefore rank high in search engine results.

Carrying on an active blog is very advantageous for your ecommerce business. Your blog is an excellent way to promote your brand loyalty, involve visitors in your community and tell stories that would help to convert visitors into buyers.

  1. Include product reviews:

Rating and reviews increase the credibility of your brand exceptionally. Online customers tend to trust the feedback of previous customers who already purchase from your store more than anything else. To gather more feedback, always ask your customers to leave a review after getting and using your products or services.

  1. Ensure your website is SEO-friendly:

Make sure you include SEO keywords into your product titles and descriptions in order to let your site rank higher in search engine results and drive more conversions.

  1. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly:

Today, a big percentage of online customers use their phones for online shopping. For this reason, e-merchants have to ensure that their website is optimized for mobile phones to help shoppers make their purchases no matter what device they are using and provide a good mobile experience for them.

 Starting an ecommerce business can seem difficult, but following these steps above will surely make it easier for you to run and grow a successful business. Always focus on customer support and user experience to increase your conversion rate and make more sales.

To learn more about this, read our article on how to create an e-commerce website.

Always remember to do in-depth research on products you want to sell, have an up to date business plan and ensure customers can pay easily by providing multiple payment methods. And most importantly, don’t neglect the add of value for your customers.

Build Your Ecommerce Business Using The Right Platform

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