Storeino pricing : How much does it cost to create your online store?

There are 3 main Storeino pricing plans to choose from. The cheapest plan which is the STARTUP Plan costs $16.9 per month, while the professional and Business plans cost respectively $39 per month and $89 per month.

Storeino pricing : How much does it cost to create your online store?

Table of contents:

Basic features

Management features

Marketing features

Design features

Support features

Storeino platform provides the best solutions for its customers to create a unique and professional online store. The cost of setting up an online store on the Storeino platform is relatively low. It makes it easy for its users to design their stores; whether they are individuals or companies. To serve this purpose, Storeino offers 3 different packs for its customers: Startup pack, Professional pack and Business pack.

There are 3 main Storeino pricing plans to choose from. The cheapest plan which is the STARTUP Plan costs $16.9 per month, while the professional and Business plans cost respectively $39 per month and $89 per month.

  • Basic features:

The storeino platform comes up with a variety of basic services that include:

-          A free SSL certificate: This is available in all different plans. An SSL certificate provides security for your store’s customers. As an ecommerce store, your website needs an SSL certificate as long as you are usually asking your visitors for their personal information : Name, Number, Address …

-          Unlimited bandwidth: One other great feature offered by Storeino to all its customers, whatever pack they are using is the unlimited bandwidth. This will guarantee that you won’t get the speed of transferring data slower and you can receive and send as much data as you want. Also, you won’t be charged based on how many online visitors come to your store.

-          Stockage:  The three packages differ in terms of the amount of storage. Startup plan comes with 5G of storage; the professional plan offers 20G of storage while the Business plan provides unlimited storage that allows you to not be charged no matter how many files or pictures you upload.

-          Mobile Responsive Shopping Cart: The platform gives all types of e-merchants whether they opted for a startup; professional or business plan, a mobile responsive shopping cart. This means that the shopping cart adapts to all mobile devices and the customers won’t face problems purchasing from their mobile phones.

-          Connect Your Own Domain Name: Storeino allows you to link your domain name to your store for all types of customers.

-          Add products to your store: A Startup plan will allow you to add 25 products to your store; a professional plan lets you add 100 products and a business plan authorizes unlimited products, so you are not restricted on the number of products you can sell in your online store.

-          Delete Storeino signature: The default free themes that are installed with Storeino all have a footer signature. However, if you have a business plan, you will automatically get rid of this signature.

-          Multilanguage: With Storeino, you can easily create your store in different languages for a global reach. While a startup plan allows the use of only one language, the professional plan allows access to 3 languages and with a business plan you will benefit from unlimited languages.

  • Management features:

-          Statistics: Storeino allows all types of its customers to follow the statistics of their online stores in real time and print all the statistics on paper.

-          Print Purchase Orders and invoices: Storeino allows all types of customers to print all order receipts and invoices with one click.

-          Orders management: You will also be able to easily create orders, manage orders and control your customer experience. Additionally, you can customize the status of your orders

-          Customer management: Storeino platform allows you to manage your customer list by adding and deleting clients whenever you want.

-          Supplier management: The platform will also let you manage the list of your suppliers.

-          Delivery management: Manage companies, cities, regions and countries of delivery. You will also be allowed to customize fees and delivery zones.

-          Stock management: You will easily manage and track your inventory levels at all times.

  • Marketing features:

-          Google Analytics/ Facebook Pixel: Add your Google analytics and Facebook pixel to track your statistics in real time.

-          Email notification: Professional and business plans benefit from getting emails automatically when an order is made or when an order moves from one status to another.

-          Reviews: The Startup plan allows 3 reviews per product, the Professional plan permits 10 reviews per product and the Business plan comes with unlimited reviews.

-          Upsell: To attract customers to buy more products from your store and grow your revenue, you can use the upselling strategy. The Startup plan lets you upsell by one product, the Professional plan lets you upsell by 3 products and the Business plan lets you upsell by an unlimited number of products.

-          Digital products: Storeino platform allows its users to sell all kinds of products, including digital products.

-          Share button: Visitors can share product pages on social media.

  • Design features:

-          Free themes: The platform also offers you free well-designed and simple themes from which you can choose the one you like and that best suits what you are selling in your store.

  • Support features:

-          Chat/E-mail: Storeino allows its Professional and Business plan customers to engage with their visitors and customers more effectively via a live chat and email support.

-          Phone/WhatsApp: If you run into trouble, Storeino provides excellent support. You will be able to show phone numbers and WhatsApp numbers your customers can reach you on.

-          Ticket: You can create a support ticket to let your customers request assistance. 

Finally, we advise you to opt for the annual subscription in order to leverage your subscription payment. This will allow you to benefit from a 24% discount on all plans. This way, the monthly cost will be $12.9 for the Startup plan, $35 for the Professional plan and $84 for the Business plan.

If you are not sure yet which pricing plan that better suits your business, then register for a 15-day free trial to discover and try Storeino features and decide which plan is more suitable for you to grow your business. You can at any time upgrade your plan to add more features to your online store.